Monday 2/25- Start evolution Comic Due Friday 3/1

Tuesday 2/26  Finish Genetics Vocab 2

Wednesday 2/27 No HW

Thursday 2/28 Finish Comic and submit- Study for quiz

Friday 3/1 Evolution Quiz
Tuesday 2/19 No homework

Wednesday 2/20 Summary of Notes and Grade Report

Thursday 2/21 Finish Lab questions

Friday 2/22 Evolution Quiz and Comic Worksheet
Monday 2/11 Geologic time Periods Quiz (Study the animals and earth events for all 12 time periods)

Tuesday 2/12 Sign Grade Report

Wednesday 2/13 Summary of Notes

Thursday 2/14 Finish Evolution vocab

Friday 2/15 Summary of Notes
This week we will be making our Geologic Time Period Web Sites
Monday 2/4- Finish  Earth's Surface and Geologic events page

Tuesday 2/5- Finish  Dominant Organisms and climate pages

Wednesday 2/6 Finish  and compared to today pages, Things to Bring and Dangers pages.

Thursday 2/7 Finish Intro page,   Put final touches on project which is due at end of class today 2/7.

Friday 2/8 Geologic time scale quiz and peer grade projects.  QUIZ is MOVED to MONDAY.