Monday 10/24 FInish Reproductive Methods

Tuesday 10/25 Questions and Summary of Mitosis Notes

Wednesday 10/26 Mitosis Flip Book

Thursday 10/27 Finish Cell Lab and Study Mitosis NOtes for Quiz on Friday

NO homework all week students are working on Osmosis Egg project in class and should be working on CELL PROJECT at home.  It is due October 7
Monday 9/12/11  Get grade report signed.  Start CELL PROJECT

Tuesday 9/13/11  NO homework unless student did not finish outline and summary of notes in class of pages 26-32 in science book.  See example  

Wednesday 9/14/11 Finish Review questions on pages 35-36 #1-18, 21, 25 

Thursday 9/15/11  Study for Chapter 1 Test

Friday 9/16/11 Chapter 1 Test.  Start getting organized for cell project due 10/7/11
9/5/11 NO School

9/6/2011  Bring colored pencils or crayons for both Wednesday and Thursday

9/7/2011 No homework

9/8/2011  Study all 11 organelles from notes for quiz.
                    Finish coloring and labeling cell pictures
Monday 8/29  Summary of Discovering Cells Notes

Tuesday 8/30 Finish Outline of pages 9-15  all 9 blue and red subheadings, 9 questions, and 2 details for each subheading

Wednesday 8/31 No homework  Back to School Night

Thursday 9/1  Study for Quiz

Friday 9/2  Quiz on Discovering Cell and 3 Main parts of cells notes.  Grade Report Signed
Monday 8/22/11  Finish first 4 questions on create an organism project

Tuesday 8/23/11 Finish questions 5-11 on create an organism

Wednesday 8/24  Finish create an organism project due Thursday

Thursday 8/25  Study for quiz

Friday quiz on What is life notes
Tuesday 8/16  Info sheet signed

Wednesday 8/17  Label and define microscope parts

Thursday 8/18  Finish drawing and labeling scope lab

Friday 8/19  Microscope Quiz